Listen if you are a network marketer looking to build a sustainable online business one where you can create a continual warm market by leveraging the Internet and social media your are in the right place… In the video below you are going to see the 3 Must Do Activities That Network Marketers Must Be Focusing On Daily! to generate leads, sales, sign-ups to establish your brand and build your online business.

All right thanks for sticking around as I mentioned in this episode I am going to be talking about the three must do activities you need to focus on a daily basis to be successful in your business.

Why are these important?

Glad you asked? 🙂 These 3 activities will give you not only a foundation but they will also give you a framework that you can build upon, then you can create a step-by-step process a daily mode of operation to follow within each of these 3 categories.

But more importantly… 

They are Income producing activities…


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So Let's Talk About:

The First Activity Network Marketers Must Do Daily Is To:

 Build Your Audience

You may have heard the saying that your network determines your net worth and that is so true so you always want to be expanding your network.

Reaching out in meeting new people connecting the starting new relationships of a continual basis. So one of your goals should be there every single day you should get a certain amount of leads

And this is where leveraging the Internet and social media becomes such a valuable part of your business. Because you can reach so many more people in a short amount of time.

So where is it that you're going to be building your audience are connecting with people well you can do that I'm on Facebook for one and we can do it through Facebook messages.

You can do it by corresponding through emails as you're sharing your lead magnets in bringing people on to your email list now you can correspond with him and that's one way.

You can direct message those people that are wanting to follow you want Instagram…

You can connect with someone that has actually responded to one of your YouTube videos.

 Remember there are plenty of social media platforms that you can actually begin to reach out through and build your audience through

So the ultimate goal is to expand your reach in your daily activities need to be focused on this area.


  • How many new people are you talking to every day?
  • How many people are you driving to the capture page?
  • How many emails are you sending out to those people on your list?
  • How many friend requests on Facebook are you responding to?


All these are ways that you can begin to connect with people and start building your audience so he wanted to share with you a little bit about how I do this

So you need to establish daily routine for reaching out to ask amount of people that you want to connect with on a daily basis.

As you do this what you're going to eventually end up doing is filling up your pipeline

So The Second Must Do Activity for Network Marketers Is To: 

Engage Your Audience

What I mean by engaging your audience?

You want to get them to respond to you so that you can start the conversation & communication process.

 And start building that relationship…

I have a specific protocol that I go through when people enter into my group so that I can start to warm them up and get to know them…

I have specific questions that I'm asking them as well as the questions that come specifically from engagement post that I'm creating to help to get them to respond, it is a great way for you to engage your audience as well.

Getting them to interact with you this can be done through a lot of different ways

The best is by creating good content that people want to engage with!

  • Email is another way to engage and build rapport…
  • Messaging on Facebook

So another purpose of engagement is to build what we call the KLT factor that is where people get to know, like and trust you as an authority in your market place as you’re building that relationship, then at some point you're going to be able to share or sell to these people as you warm them up they're naturally going to be interested in you and what you have to offer….

And that brings us to:

The Third Must Do Activity for Network Marketers: 

Is To Sell Your Audience

Now remember you are building a business and the bottom line is that you're if you're not creating an income then you won't be in business for long so the goal is to sell your products or your services.

But I'm not necessarily talking about the direct pitch per say but there's a time and place for that  and as you warm these people up you can offer that to them but where you're going to be able to sell your audience is by giving them value.

What I mean by that since you're creating something that's going to instruct them to help them out. You want to be creating content to help them grow in their business give them an answer for whatever need they may have, to help them to work smarter faster or help them to be able to get ahead in some way.

You're going to solve a problem or you going to alleviate the pain…

 As you're doing that people will naturally want what you have to offer so if you create a product that it enables them to solve a specific problem then you're going to be able to sell them without really selling them.

So to recap the three must do areas that network marketers need to be doing on a daily basis is:

  • Build Your Audience
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Sell Your Audience

So as you do these things you're going to find that you're going to begin to have a compounding effect you're going to begin to build momentum in your business and you're going to see your business start to skyrocket because of you doing these things consistently on a daily basis.




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