I get ask the question all the time so Bob what's the Best Autoresponder For The Money In 2018

In just a minute I will answer that question in the video below    but First…

What is an email autoresponder?  (for those of you who may not know)

An autoresponder is a tool for you to use online that allows you to quickly collect names and e-mail addresses, and automatically follow up with those specific individuals in any fashion that you want. It allows you to automatically send out a sequence of emails to group, or to multiple groups, of people to create a rapport and build the know, like and trust factor so that when you are ready to share your products or services they will be receptive…

Here are some key things to know:

  • You must have a good lead capture system!
  • Subscribers sign up to receive emails, a free guide, an eBook, video or something of value that you have to offer!
  • Once you capture an email other wise known as getting a subscriber you can send the an automated sequence of pre-programmed emails
  • You can also send out specific broadcast emails and target segmented groups.

I am sure you have heard the saying that the “money is in the list!” So if you are doing any type of online marketing, affiliate marketing or network marketing you want to be building a list and an autoresponder is the best way to do that! Your list will become your greatest asset so spending money on an autoresonder is just part of your online operating expenses! But it doesn't have to break the bank when you are first starting out!! 

So getting started with the right autoresponder is very important that is why you want to get the best autoresponder for the money in 2018…SendShark

Watch the video below to find out Why???

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