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This is a simple three-step process – MLM Sponsoring Tips On How To Start A New Team Member

Number 1- MLM Sponsoring Tips | Is to have a step-by-step a fast process that is simple and easy to follow.

  • Teach them how to do an invitation.
  • And teach them how to do a presentation.
  • Do it for them – do it with them – let them do it themselves

The big problem people have with this MLM Sponsoring tip right out of the gate is that they heap to much training on the new recruit so here's what usually happens to most people they get loaded down with too much training get overwhelmed. They get a feeling like they cant do this business. So what you want to avoid is giving them too much information and training's because they will get stuck in study mode I get overwhelmed and just drop out! Remember the goal is to get them started and then learn as you go!

This is something that is Important to remember and  I want you to catch this! The truth is that most people don't really fail in their network marketing business because they don't know enough!

They fail because they don't do enough they don't take action!

So you want to get them to focus in on taking action first!

Number 2 – MLM Sponsoring Tips | Keeping People Engaged

The next MLM sponsoring tip is to keep your new team members engaged with your company and the rest of your team. This is a big part of how to build a team in Network Marketing! Remember that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with.

  • So they're hanging around with lazy people they won't get anywhere.
  • If they're set around watching TV they won't accomplish anything
  • If they're hanging around negative people they won't be successful.

These things will not be a good influence so you want to get them plugged with the right people who are action takers. People that they can learn from so Introduce him to the people on the team that are getting things done. Make sure they get plugged into your Facebook community this is another good way for them to see the movers in the shakers on the team. You also want to get them plugged into weekly meetings or webinars! You can switch it up with some training and success stories or testimonials to keep them engaged and excited.

Number 3 – MLM Sponsoring Tips | Activity Trackers –Teach them how to use it

Most people don't do this step but it is such an effective way to build your business. So what an activity tracker does is track the income producing activities that you need to be doing on a daily basis to build your network business. Keep in mind that with this activity tracker you won't be tracking sign-ups or sales. But you will be tracking the activity that will lead to sales and sign-ups. Below are a few examples of what you can be tracking…

  1. Number of invites
  2. Number of presentations
  3. Number of follow-up calls
  4. Number of meetings you attend
  5. Number of samples you are giving out.

You can also assign numeric values for each of these items and at the end of the week you can add up the points and you can quickly see what you need to do and where you need to improve to get the sales and sign-ups that you were looking for. This way you can also set goals for what you want to accomplish for the end of the week. And with time and consistency you will eventually get the sales and signups you're looking for. You will need to get them to focus on the activities and if you do this and teach your new recruits to do the same thing before long you will have a strong team of business builders that will help your business to grow!

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